2Pi radians, or 2π radians, is 360°.

Many managers have great technical skills, but what they lack is a rounded, multi-dimensional, end-to-end view of business.

This business has a clear vision:

“To create 360° Commercial Managers.”

Why work with 2Pi?

We have many years of experience of working in, and with, some of the leading consumer organisations in the world: this means we can apply the best practice of blue-chip companies to everyday commercial challenges – whatever the size of your business.

We help our clients develop all the most important commercial capabilities including sales, category management, negotiation, strategic partnership development, joint business planning – saving you time and resources in dealing with many different consultancies.

We aim to develop intimate, long term partnerships with our clients, working alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

Authenticity is key to how we work – we believe in substance, not froth – and speaking in a no-nonsense, straightforward way.

We keep it simple – but effective.

No, we don’t know everything, and we’ll be honest about where we can help you and the areas that are outside our expertise.


“360° Commercial Managers”

A 360° commercial manager is someone who has an end-to-end knowledge of the business and an insatiable thirst for finding innovative ways to grow sales profitably and reduce costs.

It’s someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and is prepared to take calculated risks – and is ready to get stuck in and make things happen.

It’s someone who understands that being commercial is about more than short-term economic value. They understand that some of the most important sources of value in business can be intangible.

2Pi’s role is to help create mature commercial managers, individuals with the business acumen, skills and mind set to maximize value with their business partners.