Our areas of expertise

These are some of the questions we can help you answer:

Planning your business partnership

How well do you know your partners’ businesses?

Where is your relationship with each of them currently? Where do you want it to be? How are you going to get there?

Optimising your partnerships and Selling competence

How tailored and compelling are your selling stories? How do you sell your ideas, products and services in a way that engages your customer and builds the relationship?

How do you build and then manage a plan with your business partner that will deliver profitable growth for both parties?

Negotiation – Creating and protecting Value

How well do you know the value chain? Are you constantly looking for ways to add value and remove unnecessary costs?

How do you get the best deal with your business partners when it comes to those challenging conversations about changes in trading terms?

How do you turn the tension in your business partnerships into collaboration to create value for both parties?


Creating strategic partnerships

How do you bring commercial, category and business strategies together, aligning multi-level and cross-functional teams?

How do you leverage consumer insight and creativity with your business partner to develop innovative initiatives that drive value in the category and competitive advantage for your businesses?

How do you drive insight-based, joint category projects that create value for you, your business partner and the consumer?

Building team capabilities

How can managers maximise their people’s performance in the most motivational way?

How can your managers run sessions to ensure the sharing of ideas and best practice?

How can you align your team behind a common vision, values and goals?