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“Volkswagen: a question of Trust”

In the last week VW US has been found to have cheated. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that software in several VW diesel cars could deceive regulators, meaning that engines could appear up to 40 times cleaner than they actually are. Fines could reach...

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A cautionary tale about Power

UK crisp brand Tyrrells Crisps has just made its first overseas acquisition, buying Melbourne-based snacks business Yarra Valley Snack Foods, in a move which will see the company relocate production to Australia. Tyrrells specialises in premium, hand-cooked potato...

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“7 lessons from the Iranian nuclear deal”

In 2002 the international community first discovered that Iran had covertly built nuclear facilities. That same year, George W. Bush, in the State of the Union address, labelled Iran a member of so-called “axis of evil”. Since then, perhaps unsurprisingly, there were...

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